What We Believe (In a Nutshell)

  • The whole Bible is the inspired and true Word of God.
  • God is Holy and has always existed in three persons; God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. They are all equally God.
  • God created the world and everything in it. He created human beings to be like him. In the beginning everything was perfect.
  • Sin entered the world through the first man Adam. Since then, everyone has sinned and disobeyed God. The penalty for sin is death.
  • God sent Jesus to save us from our sin. He is the promised Messiah of the Old Testament and the Saviour of the world as revealed in the New Testament.
  • He was born of the Holy Spirit to a virgin, led a sinless life, died on a cross, rose again on the third day and ascended into heaven where he is now. He will come back again one day in the future.
  • Jesus died on a cross to pay the penalty for our sins. If we believe in him and are truly sorry for the wrong things we have done, we can be forgiven for our sin and have eternal life. We cannot earn salvation, it is a free gift of God.
  • The Holy Spirit is God's agent on earth today, convicting of sin, giving understanding of scripture and equipping believers with supernatural gifts so that more people will believe in Jesus and God's Kingdom will grow.